Overview: The Battle for Xilos

The Battle for Xilos

A Xilos Gulper surprises a C3 Strike Squad in the jungle

The Battle for Xilos  was the first supplement released for Antares. The book describes, in the form of an exciting and continuing narrative, the struggle for control of the planet and the ancient builder tech hidden beneath its surface – and includes a campaign system featuring a series of scenarios which cover the different stages of the battle for Xilos, from the initial landings to an epic finale.

In outline, it contains:

  • Six new narrative scenarios representing pivotal battles during the battle for Xilos from the first orbital landings to the climax deep below ground as rival forces confront the Builders’ ultimate creation.
  • Six new characters in the form of Ghar High Commander Karg, Rebel Commander Fartok, Boromite Guildess Arran Gestalin, Isorian Xan Tu, Freeborn Oszoni Amano Harran and Concord Commander-in-chief Kamrana Josen
  • Campaign rules designed to link the games together, providing for character and army bonuses as forces gain experience, and also suitable for turning any sequence of Beyond the Gates of Antares games into a campaign of your own.
  • Rules for fighting multi-sided games, games with allied forces, battles with combined armies and further rules for incorporating mercenaries into games of Beyond the Gates of Antares.
  • Rules for wild creatures such as the Xilos gulper, the drummer and snappers
  • An entire new army, the Ghar Outcast Rebels, complete with it’s own army list and numerous new rebel units,
  • Two sub-lists representing mercenary Freeborn Adventures and a hireling Boromite Clan.
  • New units, weapons and rules for
    • Isorian Pulse Bikes, and Tsan Ra Troopers,
    • Algoryn Compression Cannons and Bombards,
    • Freeborn Compression Bombards,
    • New units for the Ghar Outcast Rebels, including Creeper vehicles, Hybrid Weapon teams, and Flitter Bombs.
    • New equipment, including Synchroniser Drones for Concord, Isorians, Algoryn, Boromites and Freeborn,
    • Drop Capsules, Support Drone Landers and Kinetic Barriers which also feature in the campaign.

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